800 Days Online. Gifts to Loyal Clients. Representative Program. Fakes in Social Networks
Jul-24-2021 05:32:09 PM

Dear Clients!

We hope you are doing well.

Let us be happy because today we are celebrating 800 days online.

We are confident that infinity begins with this beautiful number of days.

Some of our loyal clients have already noticed our little gift on the deposit page.

We wish to express our appreciation to all of you for supporting us in any situation and moving on with a proven reliable partner.

It should be noticed that a month ago we started our Regional representative program and many of our loyal clients have already become our regional representatives in many countries.

By the way, many of them have been working with ZetBull for a long period of time and know how profitable and effective this cooperation is.

They speak many languages and ready to help other people who ask them for an advice on choosing the most effective cooperation strategy with ZetBull.

You may find the list of regional representatives of ZetBull and ask an independent person about ZetBull services:

Regional representatives of ZetBull.com.

If you trust ZetBull and would like to help people in such unstable time with ZetBull limitless opportunities you may apply for representative on this page:

Apply for regional representative of ZetBull.com.

Frankly speaking, we also noticed a high activity in social networks of people and groups posing as us.

Please be careful because we do not conduct any correspondence in any social networks and we do not have any other websites except zetbull.com.

You can find our contacts, social pages and channels on the page: Support.

Any other groups, social pages and chats are fakes.

Please be also aware that none of our management or any other staff do not also chat with anybody in any social network and don't have any accounts there.

Yours faithfully,


2 years online, new payment systems, [Fixed] crypto section, regional representative system and first video presentation
Jun-22-2021 07:06:15 AM

Dear Clients!

First of all, we would like to start this letter with the fact that in May we crossed the mark of 2 years of online work. We took so long with congratulations, because just as we wanted to congratulate all our clients on this great occasion, we were notified by one of our very reliable partners - Perfect Money about the change in their terms and conditions so we delayed this newsletter and decided to improve our services first.

Let’s start with some figures of our investment service. For 2 years more than $626.03m has been deposited and withdrawn $303.97m by 62k clients. We hope that this just the beginning of our service and we will continue to build the trust of our clients.

New Payment Systems

During the last month we did a lot of work connecting new payment systems.

In addition to cryptocurrencies that we had: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash and Bitcoin Cash, we added:

Stablecoins: Tether USDT TRC20 and Tether USDT ERC20.

Cryptocurrencies: Dogecoin, Ripple, Tron and Binance Coin.

After a month, we can confidently say that we have found a real replacement for fiat currencies – stablecoins, especially Tether USDT TRC20 (Tether on Tron network) because of low fees, transaction speeds, blockchain technology full transparency and because this stablecoin is fully backed up by real reserves. Every Tether token is also 1-to-1 pegged to the dollar.

We really think that stablecoins and cryptocurrencies are the future of the market.

These conclusions are made not because of our own feelings but it is truly based on statistics and deposits by our clients who themselves found a replacement when we offered it.

Brand New ZetBull [Fixed] Crypto Section

Secondly, we added a new feature – [Fixed] section with fixed cryptocurrencies rates - ZetBull [Fixed].

We have received requests for it before but in the light of recent events-the question rose even more strongly.

What is the point of this section?

[Fixed] section is for real ‘hodlers’, for those who love to invest with crypto and do not depend on its market price. You may learn more about it and know the differences between [Float] (normal section) and [Fixed] and also see an example on our updated Get started page.

We work on updates of this page with instructions on cryptocurrencies and stablecoins wallets, on top ups of them and other information that good to know.

Regional Representative Program

Thirdly, we have started our own Regional representative program.

We offer our applicants rapid career growth, limitless financial opportunities, possibilities to improve your communicative skills and extra referral commission.
ZetBull Referral Bonus: 10%-2%-1%

If you need any advice from independent person, please find a regional representative in your country and don't hesitate to contact them: ZetBull Regional Representatives

Learn more about becoming a regional representative of ZetBull Limited: Apply for ZetBull Regional Representative

ZetBull Video Presentation

And finally we published a first ZetBull video presentation which will help our clients get to know our team and our business even better:

ZetBull Video Presentation on YouTube

We would like to thank all the clients who support us and believe in us - this is really important for us. We feel and appreciate this.

We do our best to become the best in the market.

At the moment, we are working hard on other language versions of the site and plan to publish them in the nearest future.

Yours faithfully,


New updates, new referral system and social media presence
Apr-7-2021 07:14:17 AM

Dear Clients!

We hope this news find you well.

In recent months we have significantly improved our service and this has a positive impact on the dynamics of investment and our activities. We have crossed the threshold of 53232 clients who invested more than $561.70m and the total amount of withdrawals exceeded $228.46m.

We have significantly revised our referral system. We made it three-level: 5%-2%-1 and now it is much more attractive for clients who have their own resources and are ready to promote our service and earn even more with us. We are also working on creating advertising materials, which you can find in the Promo section in your personal account.

We have also launched an online chat service and our clients will be provided with 24/7 live support. It is fully operate since Tuesday and a phone for voice support will be also added. Moreover, we have reduced the processing time for requests via the support form and we are trying to resolve issues much faster.

We have also launched our social media pages:

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ZetBullOfficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZetBullOfficial

Telegram news channel: https://t.me/zetbull_official

Please follow us to keep up to date with our latest news.

In the near future we plan to translate our website into various languages, increase advertising activity, and develop our own system of regional representatives.

Yours faithfully,


Warmest Wishes For Christmas and Happy 2021 Year!
Dec-24-2020 08:19:05 AM

Dear Clients!

In appreciation of our association during the past year, everyone at ZetBull extends our very best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.

Wish you a Merry Christmas and may this festival bring abundant joy and happiness in your life!

Yours faithfully,


Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov-26-2020 09:15:25 AM

Dear Clients!

Happy Thanksgiving! This year has been really challenging for all of us, but let's be grateful for what we have.

This year we realized what is really important and who is close to us.

Yours faithfully,


Our COVID-19 Statement
Mar-15-2020 11:06:18 AM

Dear Clients!

We note an increase in the severity of the COVID-19 situation and the consequences for the global economy.

We declare that we will work without any lockdowns and will continue to fulfill our obligations in full.

We are confident that we can resist at such a time if we unite.

Please stay at home. We hope that soon everything will be as before.

Yours faithfully,


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Dec-25-2019 03:44:35 PM

Dear Clients!

The year of the beginning of our cooperation has passed. We hope that the coming year will be as successful as the outgoing year and we will continue our trusting and mutually beneficial cooperation!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Yours faithfully,


Welcome On Board!
May-16-2019 06:08:55 AM

Stocks, fiat and digital currencies are liquid investment vehicles making it possible to profit off of the fluctuations in prices and rates. Trading at these markets requires expertise and significant knowledge, as well as the ability to aptly diversify risks, set up the investment portfolio, and analyze the factors affecting the price of a financial instrument.

In order to help our future clients earn money on financial and cryptocurrencies markets with us we have created ZetBull.com.

Here we offer to place our clients funds under the management of experienced traders to obtain passive income according to a preestablished rate, without the need to get into the details of security market regulations, investment portfolios, or associated risks.

We hope that our cooperation will be long and effective. To do this, we hire only highly professional traders and use only proven and proven strategies.

Yours faithfully,


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