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WE DO NOT HAVE ANY CHAT in any social networks.

Our staff are not present in any social network especially in telegram and we do not provide support anywhere except our official live chat on our website.

We do not accept deposits anywhere except on our website on 'Make deposit' page.

We do not ask for money for any actions with your account.

Office Address: 1 Hardman Square, Manchester, England, M3 3EB

Call us: +44 20 38073146

Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram (!ONLY ONE GENUINE NEWS CHANNEL!)

Write us: Live chat, Support Form or support(at)

Before you make your support request using support form, please read:

If you have any question about our company, such as: investment plans, our activities, deposit limits, withdrawals, minimum withdrawal etc... please contact us via Live chat.
Before this we recommend you to learn our FAQ. We mentioned the most frequently asked question in that section.
If you have any problem that can't be solved with help of our Live Chat operators, you may contact us via support form but please choose the right subject.

The most frequent questions (read more on FAQ page)

I made a withdrawal request.
How long to wait for it?
After you made your withdrawal request you need to wait till we process it.
MAXIMUM AWAITING TIME IS 48 HOURS but actual awaiting time depends on when you made your withdrawal request.
if you made it right before next payout session - you will get it faster otherwise you need to wait till we start a new payout session.
I want to make deposit using Perfect Money but can't find it on 'Make deposit' page
We have stopped accepting deposits in Perfect Money because Perfect Money had changed terms and conditions.
But we have a really great replacement - stablecoins Tether USDT. Tether USDT are totally stable, secure, transparent, 100% backed tokens and 1USDT=1USD.
The most part of clients who used to make deposits and withdrawals in Perfect Money already realized benefits of Tether USDT TRC20 with low transaction fee (or without fees at all) and full transparency of transactions.
Learn more about Tether USDT TRC20 and other payment methods on Get Started page.
I made my deposit but it hasn't been activated by the system after getting enough confirmations
As soon as you have sent your transaction to displayed address on 'Deposit Confirmation' page after few minutes 'Order status' should be changed and after the transaction got enough confirmations the deposit should be activated by the system automatically.
You will be able to find the deposit on Your deposits page.

But sometimes the deposit is not activated for a long time. What should you check and do?

Firstly you need to check the transaction or the deposit address provided by ZetBull and check whether your transaction has been processed or not by your wallet provider.
Sometimes your wallet provider (service that you use to top up ZetBull address) may process your transaction later.

Secondly you need to check whether your transaction got enough confirmations by the network that we need. How many confirmations we need to activate your deposit you may see on 'Deposit Confirmation' page where you see provided deposit address.

This blockchain explorers you may use to find your transaction and provided deposit address (you need to type the address or transaction ID in search field):
Bitcoin: | Litecoin :, cryptoID or | Bitcoin Cash: | Dash: Dash insight | Ethereum and Tether USDT ERC20: Etherscan | Dogecoin: Dogechain | Tron and Tether USDT TRC20: Tronscan | Ripple: XRPscan | Binance Coin: BSCscan

If the transaction was processed in time, got enough confirmations and you waited for some time (an hour will be quite enough) - it seems that the deposit haven't been activated automatically.

The most frequent reasons why the deposit hasn't been activated by the system automatically:
1. The wallet provider service sent your transaction too late and reserved deposit address for your deposit is already not reserved for it.
2. Sometimes it may be merchant errors when it haven't seen the transaction or our system haven't got reply from it.

Anyway, if you have sent your transaction to provided by our system address without mistake we will find the deposit.
In order to speed up the search process, make your support request correctly on Support page by making support request using the form with Subject 'My deposit hasn t been activated by the system' with following info:
- PAYMENT METHOD (cryptocurrency);
- DEPOSIT ADDRESS WHERE YOU MADE YOUR DEPOSIT (Address that we provided to you);

Please choose subject of your request

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